Refund policy

Warranty conditions:

  1. The guarantee period for retail sales through the trade network is 24 to 60 months, calculated from the date of purchase of the product from the shop;
  2. If you find any defects, as well as in case of quality objections, you should contact the shop where you bought the furniture, presenting a copy of the receipt/contract, which proves the date of purchase of the furniture;
  3. Defects of the products, identified during the warranty period, which are the fault of the Manufacturer, will be removed free of charge by the company;
  4. Objections related to the appearance of the product, missing parts, as well as non-conformity of the order are only accepted upon receipt of the product. Thereafter, objections are not accepted, all work is carried out at the buyer's expense;

The guarantee is not valid in the following situations:

  1. Expiry of the garnishment period;
  2. Lack of a copy of the receipt and/or contract showing the date of purchase of the furniture from the shops;
  3. Failure of operating conditions, presence of mechanical damage on the product;
  4. In the case of purchase of furniture at a reduced price (clearance of stock), claims regarding appearance are not accepted;
  5. Causing damage to or loss of the product as a result of force majeure circumstances (natural calamity, fire, flood, accident, etc.);
  6. Causing damage to the product by objects, liquids, animals, insects, etc. that have gotten inside the product;
  7. Presence of traces of foreign interference by organisations, companies or private persons not authorised by the Producer;
  8. The furniture that has gone out of order is not the fault of the Manufacturer, the nature of the defect will be determined by the company's expert, who, after examining the furniture, will make an inspection report, which will be communicated to the buyer. All cracks and other defects, which occurred through no fault of the Manufacturer, shall be repaired at cost, in accordance with the cost estimate;
  9. When the appearance of the furniture has suffered as a result of delivery with transport provided by the customer;

They are not considered furniture defects:

  1. Slight colour variations of fabrics and leather with 1-2 shades;
  2. Slight variations in colour and slight differences in the design of the coating;
  3. Small scratches and/or cracks, wear and tear, abrasions in the covering of furniture, which occur when furniture is used in permanent places of use;
  4. Small cracks on the upholstery material, which appear after the removal of weights and disappear after a light smoothing by hand;
  5. Slight noise when furniture contains spring blocks;
  6. Specific odour at the limit of 2 points, which may persist for up to 45 days; the odour also depends on the volume of the room in which the furniture is located, the proportion should not exceed per 1 m3 of the room - 0.7m x 0.7m of furniture;

Furniture operating conditions:

  1. The furniture must be installed on a straight horizontal surface;
  2. We recommend that the furniture should be kept at a temperature of +15 to +25 degrees Celsius, at a distance of 0.5m-1m from heating sources, at a humidity of 45% to 70%, it is not recommended to place the furniture against a damp wall, it is recommended that the room should be aired as often as possible;
  3. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight so as not to change the colour of the fabric or wooden countertop;
  4. It is forbidden to move the furniture by pulling or pushing to exclude mechanical damage, the furniture shall be moved by lifting it from the floor, it shall be held only by the bottom of the casing;
  5. We do not recommend keeping furniture in film;
  6. It is recommended to check and tighten the bolted joints every half year;
  7. The container is predestined for storing bed linen, it is not recommended to keep heavy objects that could deform the lids inside the container;
  8. Removable furniture covers should be cleaned at specialist cleaners. Washing under domestic conditions at high temperature, adding detergents containing chlorine or other elements that could destroy the fabric structure and cause discoloration is not allowed;
  9. For wooden worktops, avoid getting liquids, solvents on the surface, when they get on the surface, it is recommended to wipe it immediately.