Colour trends for 2023

The colours we use in our homes strongly reflect the personality and style of each of us. While some people gravitate towards classic colours, others want to get a little bolder by adding vibrant colour tones to their home. This year we are surrounded by brighter and richer colours compared to the colour trends of years past, yet we are still inspired by nature. Industry experts expect these color trends to shift from warm neutrals to spontaneous inspirations.

Colour trends for 2023 start with a bolder hue. Viva Magenta Part of the red colour family, the shade is rooted in nature and expresses a new signal of strength.

Viva Magenta is designed as a bold colour in your home. However, a colour palette has been created that features mainly light, neutral shades that will really make the colour Pantone of 2023 to stand out. In addition to these neutral color tones, there are other color combinations in the images above. For a natural look you can combine Viva Magenta with green and blue.

To make 2023 really stand out, we can combine it with dark grey. Or go for a full pink look, where dusty pink tones form the neutral base of your room with magenta accents. Viva Magenta is certainly full of vigour, luxury and strong impact. It has a power and energy that creates a sense of exuberance and passion. Viva Magenta can be used in a variety of ways in the home as well as in commercial spaces. This bold and powerful shade of red perhaps speaks to how 2023 could be a year of returning to individual and collective confidence.

Whether you add a little pop of color to your room or go all out and embrace color in your space, we hope this powerful Pantone color of 2023 will bring you positivity and strength for the year ahead.